Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week - Day 1

Day 1 - A day in the life . . . with diabetes. Take us through a quick rundown of an average day and all the ways in which diabetes touches it. Blood tests, site changes, high and low blood sugars, meal planning, anything that comes along. This can be a log of an actual day, or a fictional compilation of pieces from many days.  Thanks, Karen :)

7:15 AM - ugh...really?  i feel like i just went to sleep.  and it's only monday.  oy.  time to get up, and i'm still getting used to grabbing my pump before getting out of bed!  it has definitely hit the floor a few times, but i'm catching on.

8:00 AM - breakfast time!  i ring in at 135 mg/dL.  still can't seem to knock these morning numbers down, even though my CDE did a lot of night/early morning basal adjustments last week.  i would love to see something below 100 - hell, even 110 - when i wake up in the morning!  but at any rate, i plug this meh number into my pump, dial up to 45 grams, and enjoy my daily breakfast: old fashioned oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, banana, slivered almonds, cinnamon, and flaxseed!  yum!

8:30 AM - off to work!  put on my headphones, get on the subway, and go!

10:00 AM - i've been at work for an hour now, and it's already 2 hours post-prandial, time to see what breakfast has done to me...147 mg/dL.  not too shabby! 

11:00 AM - 3 hours post-prandial and i'm only 137 mg/dL...basically haven't changed since 2 hours.  strange, as i usually drop substantially from 2-3 hours.  at any rate, i try not to worry too much about it, and i head my weekly office meeting.

12:00 PM - the meeting ends with a surprise for my boss - a giant chocolate chip cookie cake congratulating him on his promotion, as well as a box of doughy, delicious cookies still hot from the oven.  my meter is in my office, so i assume i'm around 120, and i SWAG the cookies to the best of my abilities.  i eat a piece of the cake and nibble on 2 different kinds of cookies from the box.  55 grams?  sure, why not.

2:00 PM - here's the moment of truth, 2 hours post-cookies: 252 mg/dL.  UGH.  did i really eat more than 55 grams worth?  or is this site just not so great?  not happy to see this number, at all.

3:11 PM - can i eat now?  busy day at work + yucky blood sugars = late, late lunch.  176 mg/dL...at least it's not above 200...and that's without correcting.  i love when my pancreas shows up to do some semblance of its job.  i eat safe foods - all veggie salad and some left over fish from dinner the night before.

5:15 PM - 118 mg/dL.  ahh.  finally, a nice, respectable number.

7:30 PM - leave work late, run some errands in the city.

9:00 PM - walk down the upper east side to the train.  this walk has been known to drop me, especially so many hours after eating, but i feel fine the whole way...a plus side to a "high" day.  

10:52 PM - time for a late dinner.  133 mg/dL?  really?  is this because i've been chomping on the raw broccoli i'm cutting up?  that seems unlikely.  the site?  i'm due to change tomorrow morning anyway, so no use messing with it now.  probably not the best time to eat pasta, but i measure out 2 oz on my food scale, throw a ton of veggies on, and bolus for 60 carbs, which includes my "dessert" of one 4g Dove dark chocolate and a sugar free orange Jell-O with fat free whipped cream on top.  wild, i know.   
12:30 AM - shower.  i worry that this pump disconnection will skew my post-prandial digits.

1:00 AM - andddd....200 mg/dL.  this day is dumb.

1:40 AM - 197 mg/dL.  sigh.  bolus .6 to correct and hope tomorrow's site change brings better numbers with it!

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