Wednesday, June 9, 2010

south beach diet & a1c

i hate saying that i'm busy...but i say it all the time...because it's true.  i feel like it's become such a cliched/typical thing to say in modern american culture these days.  everyone is so freaking busy all the time.  personally, i like it...for the most part.  what i don't like is realizing that it's been a week since i received an email and i haven't even thought about a response, or that i haven't written on this blog in almost a month, not for lack of material but lack of time.  i cram so many things into my days because i want to take advantage of every free second that i'm not working/studying/etc.  but then, there is not much time left for anything else.  sigh.  this wasn't mean to be an entry about being busy.  on to more important things!

this past saturday marked t-minus 3 weeks until i go on vacation to cancun with my family and family friends.  last year we all went away together and had the time of our lives, and we've pretty much been looking forward to this upcoming vacation ever since the last one ended.  for me, that is, until a few months ago when some extra poundage crept into my life and has refused to leave.  suddenly the idea of being in a bathing suit in mexico was more of a nightmare than anything else.  when i realized how close the vacation was, i tried to make an effort to lose the weight.  i always eat healthfully, i exercise regularly, i take every opportunity to walk/take the stairs/what have you, and yet those damn pounds just refuse to go.  a few weeks ago i decided drastic measures were necessary, and by drastic measures i mean phase 1 of the south beach diet.

phase 1, for those of you unfamiliar with south beach, is basically a 2 week carb fast.  no grains, starches, fruits, or starchy vegetables.  unlimited protein and non-starchy veggies are the main components of the diet, with low-fat cheese and some other low-fat dairy allowed in moderation.  nuts are limited to one serving a day, and that's basically it.  if you can handle it, it promises results, and fast.

while i was very much interested in the weight loss potentials of this diet, there were many things that scared me.  first of all, can i give up basically all forms of carbs for 2 weeks just purely psychologically?  and secondly, what the eff is this going to do to my blood sugars?  finally, what if i'm that one person who doesn't lose any weight at all?

i am happy to report that as i have just completed day 4, things are going quite well.  each day gets easier in terms of willpower, and i also have a friend/coworker doing it with me which i think is invaluable.  as far as my blood sugars go, they have been beautiful.  i haven't had any lows, nor have i gone above 140 mg/dL since starting the diet.  i really can't argue with that.  and in terms of weight loss, the final effects will be the most telling, but so far i am happy.  i'm very interested to see what the end result will be.  and as a plus, i'm learning a lot of ways to cook/prepare low-carb food that will serve me well in the future.

oh, and i went to the doctor today, and my in-office a1c was 6.3% :) it's nice to see my hard work as a pancreas paying off.


Brenda W said...

Dang girl, you are dedicated!!

Congrats on the KICK ASS A1C!!!! That is fantastic!!!

If you can find the time, keep us updated on how the diet pans out!

Sarah said...

thank you Brenda! you're the sweetest. i will definitely keep you posted!

Kim said...

Thinking of you all the time...was so proud I told my mom about you twice without knowing- I guess your dad's rubbing off on me in that way ;)