Sunday, June 20, 2010

Success (?)

phase 1 of south beach: completed.  total weight loss: 5 pounds.

i feel good...and i even said before i started that i would be happy with 5 pounds...but now, i'm liking the feeling and i don't want it to stop there.  i leave for vacation in 5 days, so that chances of anything else happening before then are not great, but i'm still happy.  i learned a lot on this diet.  i've done weight watchers, counted calories, and i always thought i could never do a diet that restricted certain foods/food groups.  part of it of course was the motivation of 3 weeks until bikini, but even still, i am surprised and impressed by my will power.

south beach has brought my relationship with carbs to a whole new level.  diabetes forced me to at the very least pay attention to them more closely, but this diet made me realize what i actually genuinely enjoy and what i could care less about.  i missed my morning oatmeal, and having to turn away fruit during peak berry season was pretty painful.  i also could've enjoyed a tasti d'lite or fro yo on one of these hot days.  but other carbs - bread, rice, basically all the grains, i truly did not miss. so i've decided to be very selective about my carbs from now on.  i'm going to stick to the most nutritionally valuable and tasty and avoid the others.  not only is my weight much easier to manage on a low-carb diet, but my blood sugars have been a [diabetic's] dream come true.  when i look at my 7 day average on my meter, what was generally in the 140s/150s is currently 108!  it's hard to imagine any food worth making that number go back up.  i'm sure there will be temptations here and there, but i want to try and ride the wave out as long as possible.  wish me luck!

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